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Posted by on Oct 10, 2017 in Auckland Tattoo Parlor |

Tips On How To Find The Best Tattoo Parlor In Auckland

Auckland Tattoo StudiosWhen looking for a tattoo parlor, it is good that you choose the best parlor with reputable artists as this will ensure that you get high-quality tattoos. However, choosing the best tattoo parlor can be a daunting task as there are many parlors out there. The tips below will help you find the best tattoo studio in Auckland:

Visit Several Parlors before Choosing a Tattoo Parlor

Doing this will help you find a parlor that offers quality services at an affordable price. Therefore, it is usually good to visit several tattoo parlors before you settle on one. Come up with a list of tattoo parlors in Auckland either from the yellow pages or internet and visit as many as you can.

Consider Cleanliness

A tattoo parlor needs to be as clean as your doctor’s or dentist’s office. If this is not the case, walk out. You should not Auckland Tattoo Artistonly check out for cleanliness and safety in the studio. Also, remember to look for cleanliness in the work of the artist. Check if everything used by the artist is sterilized or disposable. For instance, a tattoo artist should pore into small disposable containers that can only serve one customer and not dip his or her needle in big plastic containers of ink.

Another thing to consider is how a tattoo artist applies ointments and Vaseline. A good tattoo artist uses a stainless steel spreader or disposable wooden sterile spreader to apply ointment or Vaseline. Avoid those tattoo artists who do this using their bare hands. The best tattoo parlor is also where the artists wear disposable sterile latex gloves when doing their job. A tattoo artist who does their job with their bare hands increase the chances of an infection. You need to also check if sterile needles used in a tattoo parlor are used for each tattoo to avoid the risk of an infection.

Check the Price

Even though knowing about the price charged by different tattoo parlors is important, cost alone should not be the Auckland Tattoo Artist Toolsdetermining factor. You should also consider several other factors including the expertise of tattoo artists and the services offered. For instance, most of the popular and experienced tattoo parlors in Auckland may charge more but offer their clients satisfactory results. However, I am not implying that new talents cannot offer quality services. Just ensure that you are not the artist’s first client as this can increase the risk.


This is one of the best ways of finding a good tattoo parlor in Auckland. If you like someone’s tattoo, just walk up to him or her and ask where they had their tattoo done. People with good tattoos are usually the best people to recommend you the best tattoo parlor.

Ensure that you ask the person with the tattoo questions regarding hygiene conditions, the cost, how friendly an artist or artists in the parlor are, and so on. These questions will be very helpful to you as they will help you find a tattoo parlor that suits your needs. Watch this video for more information: